Story & Recipe Exchange 

About the project

Spiced Kinship is a creative platform and free resource to build understanding and respect of diverse communities through the sharing of food, art and culture. Individuals across different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and experiences can share what feeds their tummies and souls.

The project will officially launch for Welcoming Week 2021 (Sept 10-19)!
Join us to celebrate welcoming communities where everyone belongs.

The launch of the Spiced Kinship project and our Welcoming Week event is supported by the Arts and Science Council and The City of Charlotte. 

Share a family recipe

We would love to hear from you. Do you have a family recipe to share? Is there a special story that goes with it? Is there a photo /drawing/ visual that reflects the recipe from which it came? Whether it is a slick instagram-able  photo or your 5 yr old's crayon drawing of that dish, we invite you to submit it. Please click on the 'share here' button below. 

Find a recipe

Here you can find a new recipe that is being prepared in kitchens in your community and different corners of the world. Learn about someone else's culture through food, unfamiliar ingredients and spices or new ways of preparing an old favourite. 

Art: Food for thought

News & Events

Welcoming Week! September 10-19. 

Why do this? 
Because breaking bread together brings understanding.